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Our purpose is to make CARE our most important business driver & differentiating factor when it comes to our clients, partners & employees.

About us

Our History

DNS Technologies Ltd was founded by IT professional Pravin Swami in 2011 and gradually, it gained notoriety by providing reliable IT services and products mainly within the vibrant airport community.

Today, DNS Technologies Ltd has evolved to become a full-fledged IT services provider offering customised solutions to an array of industries across the country and focusing on the complete maintenance of their infrastructures.

Given its ambition to always move forward, DNS Technologies Ltd has evolved its brand identity to be in line with the new era while it remains faithful to the values with which the company was set up in 2011: Committed Authentic, Reliable & Experienced.

DNS Technologies Ltd’s new visual identity is now on par with the dynamism and forward-looking vision of the company as it encompasses its growing business and reflects its core principle: Providing IT with CARE.




Incorporation of DNS Technologies, with its Head Office located in Plaine-Magnien, near the Airport.


DNS Technologies starts to provide Wi-Fi solutions to hospitality sectors, including the hotels’ infrastructure (+350 rooms).


The company introduces its own brand MoPrint, a high quality alternative monochrome and colour toners with interesting printing solution packages.


Another brand of DNS Technologies takes birth: Citrus, a range of mini PCs at low energy consumption, perfectly suitable for office use, call centres or as POS.


DNS puts emphasis on the Software Services (SaaS) and begins to offer customised Content Management Software (CMS) and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP).


The company, entrusted by its strengths, proposes Maintenance Contracts “à la carte” as well as lease/rental of equipments, including the services/replacements to corporate across the islands.


Onboard as HP Partner (Synergy).


Now within the Airport Community. Meet us in our new office at MTBG (Mon Trésor Business Gateway).

We have 11+ years experience with IT Solution Business.

Our clients are always satisfied with our excellent service.

Our Offer

Services & Solutions

DNS Technologies differentiates itself with a consultative approach of the customer needs and creates value with its long years of expertise to advise on their investment into IT.

We provide

Hardware & Peripherals

Computer hardware, Desktop, Laptop, POS Touchscreen, Server, Smart phone, Smart tv/ screen, Tablet, Cables, Pen drives, Mouse, Keyboard, IoT etc.

We provide


Structured Data and Electrical cabling including fibre, Wireless/Wi-Fi solutions for Home, SME to Large Entities, such as Hotels.

We provide


Printers and parts, Consumables, Photocopy papers, Thermal papers, Cartridges, Toners.
DNS Technologies has its own brand of toners, MoPrint, which are compatible with many types of printers. MoPrint toners are very reliable and cost-effective, a perfect alternative for companies willing to optimise their resources.

We provide


Design, Implementation and deployment of PaBX systems, Routers, VPN gateways, IP-PBX,
IP Phone and related.

We provide

Cloud Services

Cloud Services such as Microsoft 365, Office 365 and 365 etc Redundancy, Optimised Back-Up, Recovery of data.

We provide


DNS Technologies counsels its stakeholders so as to bring them to the IT standard norms
as well as helping them to succeed, finding area where their business could be more productive and successful.

We provide

Enterprise Resource Planning

DNS Technologies, in association with experts, can provide tailor-made software to any kind of business. The technology used comes from ERPnext.

We provide


IP-CCTV systems for surveillance, design of the Server room and NOC. Testing of the overall infrastructure with specific tools to attack the network to analyse its resilience and vulnerability.

We provide

Software and Appliances

Microsoft Licences, Anti-virus, Firewall and all specific software needed.

We provide


DNS Technologies can assure the complete maintenance of the IT park on the whole or parts, with a service “à la carte” as per the customer requirements.
Relying on a network of trustful partners and specialists, DNS Technologies overviews the design, implementation and commissioning of any project demanded.

We take care of all our client's IT business needs

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we understand the business challenges and provide innovative solutions to the following clients:

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